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2020 - 03 - 19

Paneltim remains operational

We are all faced with an enormous challenge with the further spreading of Covid-19 across Europe. By now the new measures of the Belgian government (active as from 18th of March, 2020) will probably have reached you through international media.

In the wake of these measures we can inform you that:

  1. Paneltim remains operational until further notice.
  2. Incoming orders will continue to be confirmed for delivery on 4-5 weeks depending on the type & size of the order.
  3. In view of these exceptional circumstances, the delivery dates are indicative.
  4. Sales, marketing, engineering services have been switched to home office, but remain fully operational.
  5. Customer Service, Finance and administration also remain operational - and are reachable by phone & email.

Please note however that Paneltim has limited storage space, and so please understand the fact that we are going to be facing enormous logistical challenges in the coming weeks.

Therefore, when at some point your company is planning on closing itself, and foreseeing not to be able to receive ordered goods from Paneltim anymore, then please make sure to inform us as much as possible in advance, so that we can review with you the status of your orders.

At that point: if not yet in production we can put the order on hold; but if already in production, we will ask you to look for alternative storage for the finished goods that you cannot receive physically. This to avoid Paneltim getting blocked with orders waiting delivery and therefore Paneltim no longer being able to service other customers that remain in operation. If you are not able to organize storage yourself, we can organize paid storage for you.

Finally, please keep close contact with us. We value you as a customer, and we will do everything we physically can to support you.

For now, take care of yourself and for everybody around you!