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Paneltim is a global expert in the development, production and sale of light, sturdy and hygienic plastic panels.





Through continuous progressive product and system optimization, Paneltim always wants to produce innovative, high-quality and durable plastic panels, with a continuous commitment to co-creation with our partners.



As a team, we strive to communicate openly and respectfully with each other, while taking the initiative and encouraging personal development. We build sustainable relationships with our partners to realize creative solutions together.


Within a sustainable innovation culture in which we strive for quality products and processes, continuous improvement and profitability are key.


Looking to the future, we pay extra attention to ecology, recycling and care for the environment and society.


We meet these challenges daily at a healthy pace and with a lot of enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Ecological aspect of Paneltim products

• Paneltim products are made of polypropylene copolymer (PP copo) or high density polyethylene (HDPE).
• Paneltim produces according to the zero waste principle.
• The panels are 100% recyclable: the closed structure contains no internal pollution and the panels are made from one raw material component (PP or HDPE) to facilitate the recyclability.
• 50% of all the panels that Paneltim produces, are made from 100% recycled materials.
• During the purchase of recycled materials, there is a systematic control.

• Rest material during the production or local manipulation are recycled by Paneltim or by external recycling companies.
• Paneltim panels always keep their raw material value because of their recyclability.
• With a unique production process, Paneltim takes care of the environment and makes its contribution towards sustainable development.
• Paneltim achieved QA-CER certification. QA-CER recycled content assures the quality system related to the recycling process and use of recycled materials. Both the recycled content and the quality of the end product are addressed in order to support the principle of sustainability.


Paneltim history of a family company


Ludo Deltour establishes Paneltim for wholesales of wood panels: Panel tim(ber). 


Ludo Deltour and his brother-in-law, Marc Degrave, recapitalize Paneltim to start producing sandwich panels with intended as a hatchery for the pig sector.


Paneltim establishes a workshop in Lichtervelde and invests in a welding machine, sawing machine and butt welding machine are installed.
To be able to produce recycled polyethylene panels with a 50/50 (2x2") internal structure, injection molds for standard panels of 2600 x 1000 mm (102.36" x 39.37") (35T) and for panels with slots (patented) of 1200 x 1000/800 mm (47.24" x 39.37"/ 31.50")(15T) are taken into service.
Paneltim immediately participates in the first trade fairs.


Paneltim changes raw materials: the panels are now produced in PP copo instead of recycled HDPE.


Acquisition of the panel production unit of IPS in Ieper (Belgium). 


Two new molds 1200 x 1000/800 mm (48" x 40/32") on compression moulding machines at IPS. This allows Paneltim to produce plastic panels from reycled raw material, for instance grinded beer crates.
Acquisition of company buildings by the shareholders of Paneltim nv.


New patented panels using a structural foaming technique, with 35 mm (1.4") thickness and standard dimensions 2500/2600/2700 x 500 mm and 2700 x 600 mm (98/102/106" x 19" and 106" x 23"). They are closed all around, in combination with a click profile.


Three new moulds are taken into service, to produce 1200 x 1000/800 mm (48" x 40/32") panels with internal rib structure 50/100 mm (2x4"). These panels are 3 kg/m² (0,61 lb/ft²) lighter than the 50/50 mm (2x2") panels (closed and with slots in line with the Paneltim patent).


New offices taken into service, automation with sawing robot and increase of production space with 1700 m² (18300 ft²), to come to a total of 4800 m² (51700 ft²).


28T (metric) mould for panel 2600 x 1000 mm (102.36" x 39.37") with internal structure 50/100 mm (2x4"). New VENTI panel with 12 slots of 30 mm per 120 cm (1.18" per 47.24") (in line with the Paneltim patent) with 33% additional air through put in comparison with existing panel with 6 slots of 45 mm per 120 cm (1.77" per 47.24"). Installation of automatic warehouse robot for small parts.


New automated butt welding installation for welding together standard panels 1200 x 1000/800 mm 1200 x 1000/800 mm (47.24" x 39.37/31.50"). Purchase of land and company buildings at Industrielaan 40 and 42 by the shareholders. Establishment of injection moulding company Panelplast as a service company to Paneltim. Purchase of 2 injection moulding machines 3300T and 1600T (metric).


Installation of a brand new injection moulding department with adapted cooling and dosing installations, storage and mixing silos. Start of fully automated production. First participation to K Show in Düsseldorf, introducing Paneltim plastic panels to the construction market.


New mould with closed Paneltim slats of 800 x 500 mm (31.50x19.69"). Production at Panelplast increased to 24/7. Optimization of injection moulds 2600 x 1000 mm (102.36" x 39.37") with installation of newest hot runner systems. Diversification in target markets, expansion of sales team and administration.


Expansion of warehousing and installation of vision control system.


Purchase of two extra injection moulding machines 1850T and 4000T (metric). New mould for construction panels 2600 x 1000 mm (102.36" x 39.37") with 50/50 mm (2x2") internal rib structure, allowing injection of PP copo and HDPE with very low MFI. Launch of PanTanC software for structural analysis of above ground liquid tanks.


CNC machines for postprocessing of panels. Robotisation of welding machines.


Injection mould for panels 35 and 20 mm (1.4 and 0.8") thickness and 1200 x 1000/800 mm (47.24" x 39.37/31.50"), and with internal structure 50/100 mm (2x4").


Injection mould for antiskid panels with checker plate and studs profiles. Dimensions 1200 x 1000 mm (47.24" x 39.37") and internal rib structure 50/50 mm (2x2"). Expansion of machinery with CNC machine and combi freesmachines en combi re-stacking robot.


20 years Paneltim!


The official launch of the Buy Back Program, our closed loop recycling initiative and celebratings 25 years of Paneltim!



Launch production in Novi, MI, USA