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Trailers with Paneltim panels

Paneltim panels in polypropylene copolymer (PP copo) or polyethylene (PE) are lighter and stronger than most other construction panels out of plastic. This makes Paneltim panels an excellent choice for construction of trailers, beach cabins, smoke cabins, etc.

Light yet strong

Paneltim panels - using an internal sandwich structure with 50 mm x 50 mm or 100 mm x 50 mm - are stronger than other plastic construction panels of similar weight. This internal cell structure makes the panels rigid while keeping them light at the same time. As a result Paneltim are impact resistant and strong, guaranteeing excellent mechanical and chemical properties for various applications.

Fast cleaning

Paneltim panels can be cleaned rapidly with a minimum of water usage. The surface dries off easily.

Less reinforcements

Using Paneltim panels to build structures requires less reinforcements thanks to the light sandwich structure, compared to solid plastic sheets.

Good insulation

Paneltim panels have good insulation values, thanks to the low thermal conductivity of plastic, as well as through the air enclosures in the internal cell structure, reducing heat dissipation to the surroundings.


A broad assortment of colors and color combinations offers many creative possibilities. For instance: linking into your company colors could be possible.

Walls and partioning

Paneltim panels can be processed to walls of different dimensions. Thanks to the internal cell structure the panels are light under their own weight, yet very strong, which are excellent properties for construction of cabins or trailers for instance.

Doors and windows

With simple and regular sawing techniques, introducing doors and windows into cabins or trailers made of Paneltim panels is straightforward.

Antislip floors

Paneltim can offer three types of antislip profiles: buttons or checker plate (five bars) and orange peel. These Paneltim antislip panels in polypropylene or polyethylene are an excellent additional element in the design of floors of cabins or trailers, considerably improving antiskid properties in dry or wet conditions.

Advice and support

• Paneltim strongly recommends to avoid dark colors for outside use.
• Paneltim strongly recommends prime material for structural applications.
• Technical datasheets are only available for panels in prime material.

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Paneltim plastic panels and accessories are available through a global dealer network. Please contact your local dealer for further information. We are always available to assist you in locating a dealer in your neighborhood.

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  • Light
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Fast mounting
  • Good insulation
  • High pressure cleaning

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