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Paneltim plastic panels for flooring, covers & ceiling

Paneltim panels from polypropylene (PP copo) or polyethylene (PEHD) have an internal sandwich structure with cells of 50 x 100 mm or 50 x 50 mm, making them light yet very firm. They offer many opportunities in fabrication of lids or covers, when a combination of strength, rigidity and hygiene is needed.

The panels are very resistant to dynamic loads, are resistant against most chemicals, easy to weld to different sizes and dimensions, and 100% recyclable. Moreover, covers made from Paneltim panels are very easy and fast to clean, using minimal water.

Paneltim lids or covers can be produced in different sizes and shapes, i.e. not only square or rectangle, but als round is possible.

Paneltim antiskid covers or lids

Paneltim offers three types of antiskid profiles: studs, checkerplate and orange peel.

Both types have been tested for their antiskid properties and perform well both in wet and dry conditions for various applications, making them very useful for integration in production of lids and covers, where antiskid properties may be useful or even essential.

Paneltim connections

Paneltim panels in prime polypropylene or polyethylene can be welded together with other PP or PE elements, such as solid plastic sheets, tubes, etc.

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Paneltim panels made to measure

Making Paneltim panels to measure is very well possible, and also combined panels are possible.

Adding of additives can offer additional possibilities:

  • UV stabilization - both mid European and worldwide (WW)
  • Fire retardant (PPFR)
  • ...

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Advice and support

• Paneltim strongly recommends to avoid dark colors for outside use.
• Paneltim strongly recommends prime material for structural applications.
• Technical datasheets are only available for panels in prime material.

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Dealer Network

Paneltim plastic panels and accessories are available through a global dealer network. Please contact your local dealer for further information. We are always available to assist you in locating a dealer in your neighborhood.

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  • Light
  • Firm
  • Durable
  • Good insulation
  • Fast mounting
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 100% recycleerbaar
  • Easy processing

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