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Paneltim Antislip

Paneltim Antislip panels come in 3 different versions. In addition to the well-known plates with stud and five bars structure, there is now also the new panel with an orange peel pattern. The 3 types are light, strong and sealed all around. Thanks to the anti-slip structure they considerably reduce the risk of slipping and falling.


Paneltim Antislip panels provide an effective and expedient anti-slip solution and prevent slippery conditions on stairs, steps, in corridors, sanitary rooms, toilets, showers, washrooms, in and around swimming pools, ...


Slips and falls are the most common causes of accidents in and around the workplace. Tests show that the 3 Paneltim Antislip panels have a high slip resistance, both in wet and dry conditions. Where the studded and five bars panels score well when wearing shoes (R10 according to DIN 51130), the orange peel structure scores well on both walkability with shoes and on bare feet (R10 according to DIN 51130 and B according to DIN 51097). Stairs, scaffolding, walking platforms, ramps, footpaths, ... are all potential “danger zones”. Paneltim Antislip panels provide a sustainable solution for this.


Paneltim Antislip panels have a reinforced internal cell structure that allows them to handle heavier loads. This allows them to be used as floor elements in corridors, on stairs and in covers. Contact our engineering department for help with your strength calculations.


The Antislip panels are just as easily processed as the other Paneltim panels for various dimensions by means of mirror, hot air or extrusion welding. The panels are equipped with a double rib (cross) in the middle. You can therefore easily make panels of 40 cm, 50 cm or 60 cm long or wide.


• Slip resistance (even with a wet surface)
• Easy to process
• Easy to clean
• Corrosion resistant
• No water absorption
• 100% recyclable
• Long service life
• Durable


Paneltim Antislip panels are made from polypropylene copolymer (PP COPO) or from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and are coloured in the mass. The characteristics of both PP COPO and HDPE are that they are very strong, wear-resistant and easy to clean. With a high-pressure cleaner, you can clean the Antislip panels in no time at all. The smooth surface of the panels is non-absorbent, yet water and dirt repellent, and dries quickly.


The panels are 100% recyclable and retain their raw material value. They are free of toxic substances and comply with EU regulations 2011/65/EU.

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