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2016 - 09 - 27

Discover the new Paneltim antiskid panels

Paneltim’s panel range has recently expanded with two novelties: the existing studded antiskid panel has been upgraded and a new checkerplate antiskid panel has joined the product range. Both panels have been tested on skid resistance, and they turn out to be perfectly fit for all agricultural purposes.

The two new antiskid panels were tested in a Dutch laboratory following two methods. First, a test following the Leroux-method was performed, whereby a pendulum with a rubber end is swung over the surface. The second test followed the FSC2000 method, which is usually used to measure skid resistance of building materials. Here, a rubber slider is pushed over the surface for a distance of 30 mm (1.18") in order to determine the skid resistance. Both panels underwent the two tests in both wet and dry state, so that results for a wet surface could also be determined.

The results of the tests show that both panels have a good skid resistance: according to the Dutch certification system for sustainable livestock farming (Maatlat Duurzame Veehouderij), a minimum required skid resistance is 0.60 according to the FSC-2000 method, and both panels more than meet this requirement in both wet and drystate. Overall, the checkerplate panels have a better skid resistance than the stud panels, which makes them suitable for not only agricultural but also industrial applications.

Discover the Paneltim antiskid panels