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Case Study - Swimming pool with Paneltim anti-slip steps and walls

K.IM.S. GmbH built a swimming pool with Paneltim Multipower and the new Paneltim Antislippaneel met sinaasappelstructuur.

“This provides new opportunities in the market.”

K.IM.S. decided to make the entire pool with the new panels. The orange peel structure makes the internal hollow cell structure shine through less than with the smooth panels. This gives the walls a “warm” effect. “The panels have a strong anti-slip effect and the structure gives the panels a noble appearance. This provides new opportunities in the market,” says Christian Wosky, CEO of K.IM.S.

One advantage after another

The individual segments can be welded on site to form a complete component. In addition, the panels are always straight, unlike solid plastic sheets. This allowed us to quite easily make the entire pool with Paneltim panels. Welding the hollow Paneltim panels is also much faster than with alternative products. Another advantage is that Paneltim panels - especially in comparison with concrete - are insulating thanks to the internal structure.

A pleasant Antislip

Forget about shoes. The orange peel structure has good anti-slip qualities. The panels also feel pleasant when you walk over them with bare feet. The panels are simple to clean. In this way they make optimum hygiene possible.

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