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Case Study: Plateau pigsty

Animal welfare legislation imposes minimum requirements on the free floor space that the pigs must have. Van Osch Uden BV, a Dutch company that is specialized in sty planning, was the first to come up with the idea of placing plateaus in sties. Van Osch uses Paneltim panels to install these plateaus in pigsties.

“1 star better life” pig concept

Van Osch, Wageningen Livestock Research, the Ministry of Economy and Animal Protection and some Dutch pig farmers jointly developed the “1 star better life” pig concept. The plateaus are used as a simple and relatively inexpensive way to create up to 30% more living space for the pigs.

Light and folding plateaus

To be able to clean the barn easily, Van Osch thought it would be handy if the plateaus were able to fold up. For this they were looking for a material that was light and easy to clean and in which microbes could not settle. Paneltim Antislip panels with studs turned out to be the best solution. Thanks to the internal cells, the panels are light yet strong. Moreover, the edges are always sealed all around, even when they are cut to size.

Anti-slip panels with studs

Paneltim Antislip panels are usually used as a floor element. Van Osch uses the studded panels for the plateaus in pigsties. This prevents the plateaus from becoming too slippery and the pigs from slipping up.

Extremely strong and durable

Paneltim panels are extremely strong. Only a few reinforcements are needed to support the weight of around eight pigs weighing one hundred kilograms. Van Osch Uden uses galvanized or stainless steel for these reinforcements. Paneltim panels, made from new or recycled polypropylene, will last a very long time.

More solutions for your pigsty

Using Paneltim panels in your barn will ensure top hygiene for top pigs, allowing pig farmers around the world to comply to stringent and ever increasing sanitary and hygiene requirements in pig production.

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