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Case Study: High partition

To divide a new barn into different compartments, DB-Montage (now Vervaeke), the provider of technical barn installations, which has since become a member of the ASD Group, placed high partition walls. The most important requirements were that the walls should be easy to clean and strong enough without extra reinforcement. The non-weight bearing partitions were 22 metres long and 6.3 metres high. They chose Paneltim Lightweight panels to meet these requirements. The panels are lightweight, strong, easy to clean and quick and easy to assemble.

Quick assembly

First of all, the Paneltim panels were assembled by butt welding until the desired length of six metres was achieved. This is the maximum height. Paneltim recommends that partition walls should be no higher than 6.5 metres. On the site, with the help of profiles, the panels were simply placed next to each other to create a partition wall. The big advantage was that no extra support points were needed. The final step in the assembly was the incorporation of ventilation fans and electrical wiring into the walls. “The speed of assembly was a major advantage,” says DB Montage. “The project was completed within two days.”

Easy to clean

Paneltim Lightweight panels are easy to clean and are sealed on all sides. As a result, there can be no internal accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

Partition walls in different colours

In this barn it was decided to use different colours in the walls: black at the bottom and light grey at the top. This created a pleasant, bright atmosphere in the barn.

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