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2021 - 12 - 06

Paneltim reduces CO2 emissions per panel per truck by 8%!

At Paneltim, we try to reduce our environmental footprint by constantly adapting and improving our processes. For example, we recently changed the way we load our 44-ton trucks. 

By increasing the number of panels we can transport on one truck maximises the available space per truckload. We now transport 440 of our largest panels on 1 truck instead of 400. By transporting those extra tons of panels by truck, we reduce the amount of transport and trucks required. This higher load factor increases fuel consumption but has no additional effect on the aerodynamic drag experienced by the truck. The energy consumption per tonne-kilometre - and thus the CO2 emissions - on the other hand, decreases when the load factor increases.

Following the above logic, we reduce the CO2 emissions per panel per truck by 8%!