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Exhaust air purification systemExhaust system

For an exhaust air purification system, an enclosure had to be developed by Schönhammer GmbH that is resistant to ammonium and sulfuric acid. This is because the air that needs to be cleaned comes from digestate drying. Schönhammer built the installation with Paneltim panels that, due to work on 2 floors, were strong and rigid enough to be built up to 5 m high and for the application of cross connections.

Choice of plastic panels

“The enclosure has two openings. On one end, dirty air is drawn in and on the other end, clean air comes out. Due to the chemical nature of the process conditions, plastic panels were the most logical choice because they are less sensitive to their effects than other materials.”

Modular construction

50 mm thick Paneltim Lightweight panels have been used for the enclosure. These panels proved extremely suitable for the construction of large surfaces. Moreover, due to the size of the panels (2,600 mm x 1,000 mm), few welds were needed. The light weight of the panels simplified assembly and transport. 3 modules were built in the workshop that could easily be put on normal transport. The installation of the entire system took three days.

High quality and continuity

“We chose Paneltim because of the quality and reliability of the material. Paneltim maintains a high standard and delivers continuous quality,” says Markus Steinberger (Sales & Project Manager at Schönhammer). They used Paneltim Antislip for the stairs and the floor of the technical area and Lightweight 20 mm for the lid of the safety drain container.