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2020 - 08 - 26

Our new shredder in full-action

Paneltim is planet-minded and we place high importance to ecology. We always think about the environment in all its facets. That's why we are proud to say that our panels are 100% recyclable. Recently we've put a little bit more effort into this as we put a new shredder in operation. Nowadays we grind our leftover panels ourselves with our new shredder.

Since the company was founden, we have always tried to produce according the Cradle to Cradle principle as much as possible. Although we aim to avoid waste in the course of our production process, we cannot prevent the creation of residues from the production process, such as exces spieces, chips ... We try to collect as much of these residues as possible and either grind them ourselves or in collaboration with external partners. With this ground plastic, we then produce our "recy panels". The new shredder first reduces large pieces to smaller parts of 50 mm, after which they are grinded to material that can be processed on our injection moulding machines. This is a huge step forward as in the past, we could not grind large pieces of panels without reducing them manually, which took up too much time. Thanks to the new shredder we will be able to recycle all our production residues ourselves. Cradle to Cradle is a principle whereby every material, after the life of the product in which it is processed, must be reused in another product or must return to nature. Recyclability is one of the big advantages of Paneltim panels. Since they are made from 1 raw material only (PP or HDPE) they can be 100% recycled while retaining their raw material value.

Click here to see our new shredder in full-action-mode.