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2019 - 04 - 09

NEW: Paneltim PP H- and U-profiles

Paneltim PP H- and U-profiles significantly speed up the construction of structures with Paneltim panels. The profiles are both strong and durable, and easy to process and clean. With these profiles, there really are no boundaries to creativity with Paneltim panels.


Connecting panels
PP H- and U-profiles make it quick and easy to connect Paneltim panels.

Fixing panels to floors, walls and ceilings
Screw U-profiles against floors, walls and ceilings, place the Paneltim panels in them and weld them to the profile.

Optimum finish
Any open cells of a cut-to-size Paneltim panel can easily be covered with a U-profile. PP H- and U-profiles ensure a perfect finish. Once the profiles are welded to the panels, dirt can no longer get in.


With a triangular PP welding wire of 5.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 mm, you can quickly and easily create a virtually seamless transition between the profile and the plastic panel.


• Adhesion with PP welding wire to PP Paneltim panels
• Time savings through simple processing
• Windproof seams
• Prevents penetration of dirt and bacteria
• UV resistant (UVR)
• Low maintenance
• Shockproof

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