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Paneltim plastic panels for your dogs and pets

Paneltim panels offer an excellent solution for top hygiene in animal housing for pets, for either private or commercial purposes: animal shelters, pet hotels, vendors, breeders, veterinary practices.


Pet housing needs to comply to strict regulations regarding clean ability, hygiene and corrosion resistance. Paneltim panels are manufactured from Polypropylene copolymer (PP copo), 100% recyclable and in view of their plastic composition very resistant to the corrosive exposure from manure, urine, humidity, etc.

The panels are closed all around - even when made to measure - thanks to their internal cell structure. As a result internal accumulation of dirt, molds or bacteria is not possible. The smooth surface of the panels is nonabsorbent and even water and dirt repelling. Using a minimum of water the panels can be cleaned quickly.

Flexible measures

In view of their internal cell structure Paneltim panels are light yet rigid. Different sizes can be welded together. And in view of their lightweight the panels are surprisingly easy to manipulate, event at large sizes.

Depending on the specific applications panels of thickness 20 mm, 35 mm or 50 mm (0.8", 1.4" or 2") are available. Thickness obviously depends on the required strength and rigidity of the requested application.


Paneltim offers a broad varity of colours and colour combinations, which can be relevant for certain animal species.

Easy processing

Moreover Paneltim panels are easy to process, using regular hand tools, e.g. sawing, drilling, screwing, milling and welding.

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Insulation value

Paneltim panels typically have good insulation properties, thanks to the low thermal conductivity of plastic in general, as well as the enclosed air in the cell structure. Internal condensation of water is not possible.

Dealer network

Paneltim plastic panels and accessories are available through a global dealer network. Please contact your local dealer for further information. We are always available to assist you in locating a dealer in your neighborhood.

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  • Optimal hygiene
  • Flexible measurements
  • Durable
  • Easy processing
  • Fast mounting
  • Good insulation
  • 100% recycable

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