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Paneltim plastic panels are light, strong and hygienic. Discover the endless possibilities. Through our worldwide dealer network we challenge our partners in various industries to develop as many strong and innovative applications as possible. Paneltim is always available for practical support.

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Wastewater treatment tank

The Czech company TopolWater builts these tanks with Paneltim Lightweight. Why? Read their reasons here

Chemical Air Scrubber

Schönhammer in Germany constructed a chemical air scrubber with Paneltim panels. The challenge? Build a 5 meters high enclosure with material that can withstand ammonia and sulfuric acid from digestate drying. Find out more about this project here

Calf boxes by Vervaeke

Vervaeke uses Paneltim Lightweight panels to make calf boxes. Read more about this project here

Shower and toilet units

Rollaloo, manufacturer of toilet and shower mobile units, uses 20 mm Paneltim Lightweight panels to fabricate the walls and roof, 50 mm Paneltim Antislip for the floor. Read more.

Lobster tanks

Fusion Australia used Paneltim Multipower to fabricate 21 tanks for the housing of lobsters. The impressive tanks are 23 meters long with an 80-tonne lobster holding capacity. Read more.

Showcase: covers

The Dutch company Meizon used Paneltim Multipower to produce covers that make it a touch easier. "Multipower" they are: they are strong enough to keep up to 100-ton content down in a liquid. And are also stable enough to walk on so that checks easily can be done. Read more.

Showcase: Walkways

Meizon is a supplier of materials for infrastructural and industrial projects. For the replacement of heavy RVS walkways, they needed a light and easy to install solution. Read here how they managed this project. 

Partition Wall

ASD-Group used Paneltim Lightweight panels to assemble a massive partition wall in one of their barns. ASD Group constructed the wall of 22 meters long and with a peak of 6,30 meters high in only two days. Click here if you want to know more. 

Toilet trailers

Ameri-Can is an innovator in restroom and shower trailer manufacture. They already made two batches of toilet trailers with our Lightweight panels. The next step? Wheelchair accessible bathroom cabins. 

Milking Robot

A completely seamless, easy to clean cow milking space? Greutink did it with our 50 mm Lightweight panels! Click here if you want to know more.

Wakepark appliances

Wake Station from Estonia used our 50 mm Paneltim Lightweight panels to craft spectacular appliances for wakeparks. 
Read more.

Loading Large Panels

At Paneltim, size doesn't matter. Literally. Panels measuring no less than 9 metres by 3 metres were successfully produced. Another proof that Paneltim is light, strong and easy to handle.

Pig Straw Based Finisher Building

Quality Equipement has been opting for Paneltim Lightweight for the construction of pig houses for many years. Curious about the result? Read our Case Study.


First Grower Farm in South Korea

DAEWOON I&D was the first in Asia to use the new Paneltim Venti 35 mm  panel in a grower farm in South Korea. Curious about the result? Watch the video!


Goat Innovation Centre Mekkerhof

Goat Innovation Centre Mekkerhof needed a product that the goats wouldn't gnaw at. Also the hygiene in the barn and in the rearing pens also had to be guaranteed. The Paneltim Lightweight paneel of 50 mm seemed the best solution.