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2016 - 06 - 06

The strength to hold 3000 sows

On 21 May, a brand new pig farm was inaugurated in Almudévar, near Huesca in Spain. The farm will house about 3000 sows and contains about 2500 m² of Paneltim panels.

Agropal, the Spanish integrator of farm equipment, chose the classic recycled green 50 mm Paneltim panels for the group pens and integrated white 50 mm panels in the personnel doors, which consist of an aluminum frame encasing the Paneltim panel.

In total, the project took almost 4 years to be completed, with the building of the farm itself starting about a year ago. At its completion, the farm has the largest size allowed for this type of business in Spain. It will house about 3000 sows, which will produce 95.000 piglets a year.


Farm: Agropor
Capacity: 3000 sows
Integrator: Virgen de la Corona, Alendi Group
Paneltim dealer: Agropal
Amount of Paneltim panels: 2500 m²