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Case Study: Self Supporting Coated Plant Box

Vienna supports the greening of façades in a remarkable way. The city supports the greening of façades financially, as they supplement city greening for all those locations where there is no space for planting trees. In order to create extra green surfaces, RDM Plastics produces and installs self supporting planters made with Paneltim Multipower Panels. The panels are given a special treatment so as to resemble concrete.


In this case Paneltim panels were used to replace fibreglass reinforced plastic, reinforced by wooden & galvanized beams, which were in need of renovation after 20 years.

Light weight

Although RDM’s planters look like genuine concrete, the light weight of the Panelti® plastic sandwich panels used to build the planters, make them much lighter than the actual concrete ones.

Easy processing

First of all, the panels are sawn to measure. Using a buttwelding machine, the panels are then welded to the desired size. Steel reinforcements are put into place. After the whole structure has been sanded, a primer is applied. Once the construction is coated with a concrete finish, one would no longer recognise the plastic panels.

Do's and dont's

To meet with architectural requirements, RDM Plastics always makes a finite-element-analysis. This way they are sure the 3 ton static load over a length of 6m is justifed. “The strength and durability of the Paneltim® panels and the esthetic concrete look fulflled the architectural requirements,” says David Baert of RDM Plastics.

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