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Showcase: replacement of covers

For the renovation of large tanks and the replacement of covers Meizon fitted concrete tanks with covers made with Paneltim Multipower in PP.

Meizon is a supplier of materials for infrastructural and industrial projects. They have a large experience in the fabrication of plastic structures.

The covers of 3.7 m x 4.0 m (12' x 13') that had to be strong enough to keep 40 ton content down in a liquid and the covers for a tank capacity of 100 ton were 4.6 m x 6.5 m (15' x 21'). The covers also had to be stable enough to walk on to be able to do checks. Meizon developed and installed the walkways. Prefab parts were crafted by Pro-Therm.

Initially they thought about making the covers in PVC, but it turned out that covers in PVC would not be strong enough to keep the content sufficiently under the liquid substance.

The covers made with Paneltim® Multipower do not only provide enough resistance to the pressure to keep the content in the liquid, they even have integrated walkways that make it easy to perform checks. The relatively lightweight of the covers and the provided suspension hooks made it easy to lift and transport the covers.

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