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2020 - 03 - 24

Paneltim USA

As the Covid-19 pandemic is progressing across the world, Paneltim USA is now facing a lock down.

From today Wednesday 24 March onwards our factory and warehouse operation in Novi - Michigan is closed, and our US colleagues have turned to home office until further notice.

Meanwhile in Europe for now Paneltim NV is continuing operation.

As before,

  1. new orders will be accepted with indicative delivery dates, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict logistical issues in the coming days and weeks.
  2. In order to continue providing the best service possible to our customers, kindly try to keep us informed as closely as possible of your own situation.
  3. Our sales colleagues are readily available over home office to discuss any concerns and issues.
  4. Our Customer Service team will gladly assist in redefining any orders to the maximum of their ability, but information is key in that as you will understand.

So please stay in contact, we understand that your situation may be difficult, and we will do everything we can to at least support you with the Paneltim side of your business.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!