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Calf boxes by Vervaeke

The first 8 weeks after birth calves are susceptible to infections. To ensure the health of the calves, it is important that they are housed separately.

Made to Measure
Vervaeke makes calf boxes with Paneltim Lightweight panels. Thanks to the internal cells of the panels, the calf boxes can easily be made to measure and it can be ensured that each calf has enough space to lie down, rest, stand up and lick itself.

Optimal hygiene
The bottom of the boxes is sloping and at the back there is a groove across the width where the urine is collected. The plastic panels are easy to clean with a high-pressure cleaner and are resistant to urine and common detergents and disinfectants.

Easily moveable
Individual pens stand on wheels making them easy to move to a place to clean. The Multibox, for multiple calves, can easily be moved with a forklift truck and is available in different versions.