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Individual Waste Water Treatment

Not all houses can be connected to the central sewerage system. Czech company TopolWater specialises in processing waste water. Besides systems for municipal and industrial water treatment, they also develop installations for individual households. The tank, an essential component of the system, is made from Paneltim Lightweight panels of near-to-prime (NTP) quality. TopolWater has important reasons for this.

Strong panels

Cost reduction was an important reason for choosing Paneltim Lightweight panels. These panels are strong enough for building the tanks because they hold limited volumes of water. In addition, the tanks are already reinforced by the internal compartments required for the water treatment plant. These compartments, together with the refilling of the pit, give the tank extra stability. 

Fast processing

"Instead of wall units, we started using Paneltim panels because they are dimensionally stable, lightweight, quick to process and easy to weld. This change allowed us to significantly reduce the overall weight of the structure," explains Adam Topol from TopolWater.

Cost savings through use of Near-To-Prime

Choosing panels of near-to-prime quality also saved on costs. These panels meet the requirements for building these underground tanks. What's more, the special UV protection of our prime panels is not needed underground. "Building the tank with Paneltim is the lightest and most cost-effective solution for wastewater tanks of this size."