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Paneltim plastic panels for your cattle barn

In cattle barns strict sanitary and hygiene norms are essential. Paneltim panels and slats will guarantee top hygiene in your cow barn.
Calf houses, feeders, milk rooms, resting areas, sanitary and hygiene compartments, walls, floors, doors … are all very easy and fast to clean when using Paneltim panels.

Paneltim venti panels for visual contact

Paneltim venti panels are plastic panels with a thickness of 2" and with vertical slots, allowing for visual contact between animals.

These venti panels are manufactured from the same material (PP copo) as the closed plastic panels. This allows for easy combination through mechanical (profiles, bolting) or welded (more hygienic, better finishing) fixation.

Paneltim walls and doors

Paneltim panels can be used to produce walls and doors of various dimensions and heights, and with high hygienic finishing.

This makes the panels very useful as compartment walls, passage walls and internal doors. Indeed Paneltim panels are light, rigid and strong, and additional they can be mounted in a modular system, using a wide assortment of plastic profiles. Paneltim doors are impact resistant and offer enormous flexibility in variable measures.

Paneltim lining of walls and ceilings.

Walls and ceilings can be lined hygienically using Paneltim open half panels with 0.43" or 1.06" thickness. They are smooth on one side and have the open rib structure on the other side.

Paneltim half panels are easy to mount, also on surfaces that are difficult to coat. They can protect less corrosive resistant inner or outer walls and avoid the creation of thermal bridges.

For fast and easy mounting Paneltim can offer a modular system of plastic profiles. If necessary the panels can be temporarily dismounted again in order to install utility lines.

Paneltim antislip floors

In addition to the flat panels Paneltim can also offer an assortment of panels with antislip profiles: studs or checker plate and orange peel structure.

Antiskid panels can be useful for instance in calf housing or as floor element in walk ways, on stairs or for covers.

Paneltim antiskid panels are manufactured using the same manufacturing system and related high quality requirements as used for regular panels. In terms of strength they are comparable to the strongest Paneltim panels; indeed antiskid panels are produced standard with an internal cell structure of 2" x 2".

If needed half panels with the antiskid profile can also be offered, if useful or necessary in certain particular applications.

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Dealer network

Paneltim plastic panels and accessories are available through a global dealer network. Please contact your local dealer for further information. We are always available to assist you in locating a dealer in your neighborhood.

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Advantages when using Paneltim sandwich panels and slats

Light and strong

Paneltim panels are manufactured from Polypropylene copolymer (PP copo). In view of the internal 2" x 2" or 2" x 4" cell structure Paneltim panels are light yet very rigid, and so highly shock resistant.

Compatible with corrosive environments.

Paneltim panels are exceptionally compatible with the typical corrosive environment of a cow barn: manure, urine, high humidity.

Excellent hygiene

The panels are closed all around - even when made to measure - thanks to their internal cell structure. As a result internal accumulation of dirt, molds or bacteria is not possible. The smooth surface of the panels is nonabsorbent and even water and dirt repelling. Using a minimum of water the panels can be cleaned quickly.


A diverse assortment of colours and color combinations allow for a comfortable working environment in the barn. For instance: a selection of colours linking into your company colours for instance could be possible.

Good insulating properties

Paneltim panels have good insulation values thanks to the low thermal conductivity of plastic in general, as well as the enclosed air in the cell structure. Internal condensation of water is not possible.

Easy processing and mounting

Paneltim panels are easy to process using typical hand tools: sawing, drilling, screwing, milling and welding. In view of the internal 2" x 4" or 2" x 2" cell structure Paneltim panels are light yet very rigid. They can be welded to different sizes and thanks to their light own weight the panels are easy to manipulate, even in large sizes.

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  • Fast cleaning
  • Optimal hygiene
  • Fast mounting
  • Easy processing
  • Durable
  • Good insulation
  • 100% recycable

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