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Individual Waste Water Treatment

Not all houses can be connected to the central sewage system. The Czech company TopolWater is leader in research and development of small waste water treatment plants. Therefore they develop systems for individual households in addition to municipal and industrial water treatment systems. The tank, an essential part of the system, is made from Paneltim Lightweight panels of near-to-prime (NTP) quality. TopolWater has a number of important reasons for choosing this panel.

Strong panels

Cost saving was an important reason to opt for Paneltim Lightweight panels. These panels are strong enough to build the tanks because they contain limited water volumes. Moreover, the tanks are already reinforced by the internal compartments required for the water treatment. Also note that the backfill gives the tank extra stability.

Fast processing

“Instead of wall elements, we started using Paneltim panels because they are dimensionally stable, lightweight, can be processed quickly and are easy to weld. With this change, we were able to signifficantly reduce the overall weight of the structure,” says Adam Topol (TopolWater).

Cost savings through near-to-prime

The choice for near-to-prime quality panels also resulted in cost savings as they sufficiently meet the requirements to build these underground tanks. Furthermore UV protection, which only comes automatically with our prime panels, is not necessary underground. ”Building the tank with Paneltim is the lightest and most cost-effective solution for waste water tanks of this size.