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2016 - 08 - 30

Waste water from Australian Open in Paneltim tanks by Viking Plastics

Large-scale sports events also need waste water solutions, and this was the case for the latest Australian Open as well. Australian plastics fabricator Viking Plastics provided the organizers with several mobile waste water containers made out of Paneltim panels, which were cleaned impeccably afterwards.

Viking Plastics received the order for the waste water containers only a short time before the start of the tennis tournament. As Paneltim panels can be processed very quickly, the containers could be constructed in less than a week. The Australian Open organizers rented the mobile waste water containers for the duration of the tournament, after which they were sent back to Viking Plastics. Thanks to the hygienic capacities of Paneltim panels, the used waste water containers could be perfectly cleaned and reused or even sold.

On the last picture, you can see a container after it’s been cleaned – a trace of dirt was left to give an idea of how filthy the containers were after they returned to Viking Plastics. There’s no better way to show how clean our panels are!