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Paneltim plastic panels are light, strong and hygienic. Discover the endless possibilities. Through our worldwide dealer network we challenge our partners in various industries to develop as many strong and innovative applications as possible. Paneltim is always available for practical support.

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Pool with Paneltim Antislip Orange Peel

Our German partner, K.IM.S, built a pool with our all new Antislip Orange Peel.
Stairs, walls and intermediate level are made with our panels. Read more about this project.

Walkway made with Paneltim plastic panels

CPO (France) installed a series of walkways around tanks with Paneltim PP Antislip panels. Click here to find out more about Paneltim Antislip.

Lobstertank made with Paneltim panels

Lobster holding tanks made with Paneltim

Impressive realisation of PFWA-Design-Engineering-Installation: live lobster holding tanks made with Paneltim panels. More information: Paneltim Liquid Applications

Paneltim solar powered boat

Paneltim solar powered boat

Suncruiser in Denmark used Paneltim panels to produce their Suncruiser 23, a solar powered boat. The boat requires very little maintenance. Read more about Paneltim panels in infrastructural applications.

Paneltim air scrubber

Paneltim air scrubber

Air scrubber made by Inno+ (Panningen - NL) ready to be installed. These scrubbers filter ammonia, odour and fine particles from the exhaust air in the intensive livestock sector and in industrial applications.

Read more about air scrubbers.

Lobster tanks made with Paneltim

Fusion Plastics Australia built huge 22 metre lobster tanks with Paneltim panels for Geraldton's Fishermans Co-op.
Read more about the project:

Paneltim plastic panel in Inno+ dust filtering

Dust filtering with Paneltim Multipower

Inno+ built their first dust filter installation with the Paneltim multipower panel. This system filters up to 99% fine dust from the stable air.  Read more about Paneltim air filters.

Hardtop for jeep out of Paneltim

Hardtop for jeep out of Paneltim

Jeep with pick up cover made of Paneltim panels by George Saw of George Shaw Manufacturing Services.
More information:

Grease trap with Paneltim plastic sandwich panels

Manufacturing a bespoke 30,000 litre above ground grease trap using Paneltim Multipower panels by Viking Plastics Engineering in Australia.
Read more

Paneltim plastic sandwich panels for pen divisions and gates

Fattening pig farm

Agropal, our Spanish partner, furnished this farm, housing 4000 fattening pigs.
They used 50 mm Paneltim lightweight panels for the pen divisions and gates. 

Storage shelf out of Paneltim plastic sandwich panels

Storage shelf

Platensa, our partner in Peru, uses Paneltim plastic sandwich panels to produce Storage shelfs.
For this application they used the 20 mm Paneltim PP Lightweight panel.

Flightcase of Paneltim plastic sandwich panels


Transport Box for sports outfit made by our partner Greenforce OU in Estonia. A ventilator and heating elements have been integrated. As a result ice hockey team  "Ovechkins" always has dry and warm uniforms and skates. For this application they used the Paneltim PP lightweight 50mm panel.

Toilets made of Paneltim plastic sandwich panels


Toilets made of Paneltim plastic sandwich panels by our partner MIK in Mexico.

Paneltim lightweight 50 mm panel was used for the walls and doors,

for the floor the Paneltim antiskid panel with checker plate motif.

Read more:

Air ventilation duct out of Paneltim plastic panels

Plastic air ventilation duct

Air ventilation duct made out of Paneltim plastic sandwich panels of 20 mm with UV from our Latvian partner Agrozona Ltd. More information:

Machine with Paneltim Multipower panels

Filling machine

Filling machine made with Paneltim Multipower panels.
More information: