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2018 - 05 - 15

Paneltim ready for the future with 2 CEO's

Koen Stessens and Annelies Deltour join hands

In light of the broad international activities of the family-owned company and a whole bunch of challenging future projects, Paneltim has decided to realise its plans with 2 CEO’s. This way the CEO's will join forces to guide operational and long-term planning on the road to success. Both CEO’s will continue to fulfil their own core operational duties; Koen will continue to focus on sales, marketing and engineering, Annelies on production, purchasing, HRM, finance and administration. Along with them they will provide joint general and strategic management for Paneltim, on the orders of the Board of Directors.

Why this change?

Paneltim has plans for significant growth and shall therefore expand both its capacity and its international activities in the future. It is therefore important that both CEO’s be able to work internationally, as the company must be able to grow operationally. The challenging growth scenarios imply, among other things, projects such as optimising the current production site, building a new production hall, the expansion of the office spaces, expansion of production capacity and further implementation of new matrices in the context of continuous innovation.