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2018 - 03 - 20

Paneltim retention tank prevents water damage in Melbourne

Due to heavy rain showers, some areas, even urban zones, regularly suffer from flooding. A retention tank or buffer tank can offer a solution. During heavy rainfall the tank fills up and stores the water which slowly drains to the stormwater system.

Jenso in Australia, installed a huge rainwater retention tank with a capacity of 32,000 liters in the basement of a new prestigious residential complex in Melbourne.

The tank, made with Paneltim Multipower panels, catches rainwater during heavy rainstorms. It then slowly drains it to the stormwater drain system, which is situated at street level. This way the water does not exceed the maximum capacity and overflow and water damage is prevented.

The tank is a total of 25 meters long, 950 mm wide and 1800 mm high. Jenso produced the tank in two halves so that they could be easily transported to the site on a trailer. Once at the site, the tanks were installed end-to-end and connected to each other with rectangular connection pipes.

The tank has an inlet with diameter 315 mm  at one end and an outlet at the other. In front of the outlet (inside the tank) is a weir wall that has a small hole with dia 100 mm at low level through which water passes. If the volume of water entering the tank exceeds what can pass through the 100 mm hole, then the tank will start to fill. Should the tank fill to the height of the weir wall, water will overflow the weir and go directly to the outlet with diameter 315 mm.

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