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2016 - 06 - 06

How strong are Paneltim panels?

Paneltim panels are light, hygienic and easy to weld, but above all, they are strong. In order to prove this, we’ve compared several Paneltim panels and some other often-used plastic sheets in a bending test. It turns out that our multipowered 50mm panel, with a 50x50 mm internal cell structure, is one of the strongest plastic panels on the market.

During the test, which was carried out at the university of Leuven, panel samples of 320 mm x 220 mm were put in a test configuration and an increasing force was applied to each of them. The figure below illustrates how much each of the panels bends (in mm) for a given force applied to it.

As it turns out, Paneltim's Multipowered panel is one of the strongest plastic panels on the market, as it took over 5000 Newton to bend the panel by 5mm!

Needless to say that Paneltim Multipowered panels are suitable for strong constructions that need to carry a lot of weight, such as fluid tanks, swimming pools, etcetera. For more information on the strength of our panels, don’t hesitate to contact your sales manager.