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Case Study: Straw-based Pig Finishing Building

To construct a naturally ventilated, bright and airy, pig finishing building, straw-based, for pigs from 7-110 kg, Quality Equipment chose to work with Paneltim plastic sandwich panels for all pen divisions and gates. They were under time pressure as the pigs needed to be accommodated without disrupting pig flow on the farm during construction.


Careful planning and scheduling of work and the arrival of materials, made construction possible during a small time frame, in which small piglets could be housed in another building. Quality Equipment saved a lot of time by cutting and welding the standard Lightweight Paneltim panels to required dimensions, in-house.


Divisions and gates were first cut and welded at Quality Equipment’s workshop. The gates were fitted with hinges and drop bolts. Then the required posts and brackets were manufactured in their metal workshop. The 3.0 m long gates were capped with a stainless steel channel.On-site, the galvanised steel posts were first set during and after concreting the internal floors. The division panels were then fitted in between the posts before the gates were hung and adjusted.


“Paneltim is our No. 1 choice for divisions and gates, offering the required flexibility necessary for the design of this type of pig accommodation which is very popular throughout the UK,” says Jamie Baker, Managing Director of Quality Equipment. “The panels are easily and quickly installed.” For farmers, Paneltim is very time-saving during washing compared toalternative materials. “This building gives me great pleasure! I am now planning my next installation. This has significantly improved my daily routine looking after my pigs.”

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