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Case Study: Hygienic wall-covering

I-TEK builds turnkey projects with PIR-insulated metal sandwich panels. The wall plates with which the building was constructed consist of aluminium and PIR insulation.

Shock resistant

I-TEK decided to make the walls more shock-resistant and scratch-proof, because it is not known how the wall plates would react to long-term contact with the animals. For this, they chose to cover the bottom meter with half Paneltim Lightweight panels. Paneltim panels have a high resistance to dynamic shocks and are resistant to ammonia.

Easy assembly

First, PVC U-profiles are mounted at the bottom on the wall plates. The half Paneltim panels are then pushed into the profiles and connected to each other by I-TEK omega click profiles. Then, the Paneltim panels are fixed at the top with an I-TEK H-profile fitted with a ‘soft seal’. In this way, the Paneltim panels are fixed, yet still have sufficient expansion space.

Invisible screws

The soft seal is a lip that hides the screws that secure the H-profile. The benefit of this lip is that it takes on the shape of the wall. This way, a nice, seamless whole is achieved.

Optimal hygiene

Thanks to the combination of the seamless finish thanks to the soft seal on the one hand, and the closed edges of the Paneltim panels on the other, a perfectly closed wall covering is created which dirt and bacteria cannot penetrate. This way, I-TEK can guarantee maximum hygiene in a quick and easy way.

Focus points

Because silicones have to be replaced every 2 to 3 years, I-TEK uses profiles to attach the panels. Not only do the profiles speed up installation, they also prevent the silicone from having to be re-applied.