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Case Study: Dog and Cat Hotel

Emmely Boeve, owner of the dog and cat hotel ‘Bed en Blaf’, wanted to convert an old barn into an animal hotel. Because the barn was classified, she was not allowed to demolish it and decided to completely renovate it with Paneltim panels. The partition walls, the wall coverings, the doors and the desk are made of Paneltim panels.

Custom made and easy to install

The big advantage in this project was that ASD, the company that carried out the renovation, could easily and quickly weld the Paneltim panels together on site and install them without any problems. “Not much space is needed to weld plastic panels together. That way, we could also easily renovate small spaces into cat houses” says Dieter Deschepper of ASD.
Where the panels were used as partitions or as wall covering to cover the old brick wall, they were attached with PVC profiles. Extra tubes and pipes could easily be placed on the walls, because the panels can easily be drilled in. By using collar bushes, the screws are prevented from being over-tightened..

Colourful, translucent and hygienic

Many different types and colours of Paneltim panels have been combined in this project. This results in a beautiful, colourful environment. In addition, the combination of Paneltim Lightweight panels with Paneltim Venti panels on top ensures that the daylight that enters through the windows also reaches through to the dog kennels. Another big advantage is that the panels can be cleaned easily and require little maintenance.

Emmely Boeve: “I am very satisfied with my choice to use the materials from Paneltim! The plates are easy to clean, so you can work properly. They do not require maintenance, no annual paintwork is required. Moreover, they are sturdy, colourful and safe. The owners, who come here to have a look before letting their pet stay, are also impressed by the layout, the material and the hygiene. This is very important to me.”